A unique, organic and new, freeze at home popsicle
POPSECO is dedicated to work with only the best organic raw materials to produce
a tasty ice snack

No added sugar, gluten-and lactose free and it’s vegan. Aimed at the health conscious consumer, we have developed a healthier, natural, Frozen popsicle, in delicious flavors that fits with the modern life style.


  4 tasty flavors

  • Strawberry, Elderflower 
  • Passion Fruit
  • Blackcurrant, Vanilla 
  • Chocolate, Citrus

New state of the art Popsicle

The development is done in collaboration with ice cream scientist Cathrine Østerberg

(M.Sc. Gastronomy & Health.)

A completely new type of Freeze at home product has been developed, based on coconut water and fruit concentrate, with all organic ingredients.